The company remains committed to mastering skilled trades at the highest level.

To the extent that it is the only company in the industry to have integrated a learning center for 40 years.

Clément Colas - Best apprentice in France in 2017. Clément has been an apprentice at the Ecole Arlette Faverot since 2015, after obtaining his CAP (certificate of professional competence) in woodworking in 2017, he is now studying for his BTM (Brevet Technique des Métiers, a vocational diploma). In 2017, he obtained the gold medal for his department, then region and, finally, at a national level as best apprentice in France for woodworking. Clément agreed to share his thoughts with us:







How did you start woodworking?

At the beginning, I was interested in bakery - patisserie, but, since I’m allergic to flour I had to find another option. I like DIY, I went to the open day of a school that was offering training in woodwork and I found I enjoyed it, so I did some courses and decided that this was what I wanted to do. I discovered Ateliers Normand through word of mouth and I was given the opportunity of becoming an apprentice.

After the BTM that you are studying for that the moment, do you see yourself continuing?

Yes, I want to do a BTMS (superior technical trade diploma), which goes further in terms of furniture design. Afterwards, I would like to start my own business designing and manufacturing decorative objects. The BTMS teaches us more about design, like how to use lacquer, for example.

How do you see this profession and what do you like about it?

I like the contact with the materials, starting with a raw material and transforming it. I am proud to be able to make something from nothing. My creations are often inspired by contemporary or medieval architecture.

Do you think the profession of woodworker requires any particular qualities?

Precision, passion, being able to visualize things in 3D from a design.

You won a gold medal in the best apprentice in France competition, what does that mean to you?

Those who judge and correct our work are MOF: Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (France’s best craftsmen). They are normally our teachers. I wanted to know what my work was worth. And I am happy and proud that they liked my work. This competition requires a lot of creativity, we all start with the same plan, but we decide on the types of wood to use, the finish, etc. I made my choices according to what the work required inspired in me and I was able to make the difference in relation to the other candidates.

What, for you, is the advantage of working with Ateliers Normand?

The Ecole Arlette Faverot provides me with a space reserved for learning, and a master craftsman who only takes care of the apprentices. He tries to find ongoing orders, interesting pieces that we could do ourselves. For that, we have the necessary time and resources.