Training, certification, and labelling strategies are part of the CSR of the MEDIA6 group.


We take environmental issues very seriously and numerous actions are regularly launched in order to manufacture our products while respecting sustainable development. To satisfy this commitment, MEDIA6 applies 3 fundamental principles:

  • To go beyond standards and anticipate future regulations;
  • To monitor technological developments to be able to propose a more “ecological” product range by working on the principles of eco-design, bio-materials and recycled materials;
  • To have our factories and working methods certified according to recognized references.

This is why our subsidiaries, MEDIA6 Production PLV and MEDIA6 Agencement, Shop Fittings have installed a chain of control that complies with the requirements of PEFC standards since December 2009 and can provide products certified according to this label. Point of sale publicity made from cardboard and recycled cardboard are part of this certification, and the PEFC logo can be affixed to the finished product. The MEDIA6 group undertakes, with this certification, to apply sustainable and responsible forest management and to promote forest production organizations.